The Economic Times has been an integral part of the India growth story and we recognize that while India since centuries has been an agrarian economy, there has to multitude of changes to develop this sector if the economy has to grow in the expected quantum’s. One of the precursor for changes can be to make the stakeholders aware of the progresses made in the sector and incorporating those advances for increased efficiencies. 

With this in purview, the Economic Times is proud to launch the 1st edition of Krishi Vikas Summit, a conference committed to bring into limelight the journey and remarkable achievements of states and private players in the field of agriculture. The brand book - ‘Kisan Sakha 2015: Friends of the Farmers’ will showcase the DNA of agricultural brands & organizations that have bettered farmers lives through extensive research and innovative solutions. At the core of any brand is to have a better penetration amongst the farmer community and going beyond business to impact their lives. In case of this brand book, we will talk about how these brands have empowered the farmers and made their lives better. The book will be an agglomeration of 30 such brands and will be launched at a gala evening amid much fanfare. The book will talk about the success stories of farmers, showcase brands and will be distributed to relevant industry stakeholders and is bound to become their prized possession.